Your future is what you make it, but now and then, it’s nice to have a helping hand.  The Gary E. West College of Business strives to provide business students with the tools needed to be successful in college and to transition smoothly into the professional world after graduation.


All students in the West College of Business meet with an academic advisor once a semester to go over degree requirements and to schedule their classes for the following semester.

For a comprehensive look at the information you need for a successful journey through your WCOB years, view our Advising Guide, written just with students in mind.


Real-world work experience can often be just the edge you need to land that great job, and one of the best ways to gain experience is by working as an intern in your field during your college career.  At the West College of Business, we are very serious about internships.  All WCOB students are encouraged to find and complete a quality internship.  Not only is this a great resume-builder, but you also have the opportunity to gain academic credit while completing your internship.

Our Faculty members will help you think creatively about internship possibilities, work with you to  identify potential companies and organizations, and assist you with advice on making contacts.  Once you’ve begun your internship, you’ll keep in touch with your faculty advisor via email and Sakai, our online course platform, to help ensure that your internship meets everyone’s expectations – yours, the university’s, and the employer’s.

For more information on internships, visit our Internship page.

Job Placement

Placing our students into full-time positions after graduation is a top priority in the West College of Business.  The Placement Center offers assistance to students looking for jobs and also assists with resume and interview tips.  To view current job openings, check out our Job Opportunities page.