Advising Guide

The Gary E. West College of Business Advising Guide was created to assist West COB students as they go through their college career and their business studies. The information in this guide will help students stay on track for graduation and complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.  Students should use this guide as a reference during their years at West Liberty University.

Please note that the WCOB Advising Guide is not intended to take the place of the West Liberty University Catalog. The Catalog includes numerous policies with which all WLU students should familiarize themselves. This guide is specifically to provide additional college-specific information and students must adhere to both WCOB policies and university policies.

It is important to be an informed and active student. By referencing both the WCOB Advising Guide and the University Catalog, students can be successful in making academic decisions and answering important questions when they arise.

The WCOB Advising Guide is updated every academic year and adheres to the policies and curriculum updates made in that catalog year.  Links to the current Advising Guide and past Advising Guides are below.

2013-2014 Advising Guide