Mission & Vision

Professor Carrie White


To provide students with an environment that enables them to acquire the knowledge, skills, competencies, ethics and values necessary to make a positive contribution to society and the business profession and to grow both professionally and personally.

Strategic Goals

  1. Provide an educational experience that prepares students to think critically, communicate effectively, and perform successfully in a dynamic, technological and globally diverse environment.
  2. Attract and retain qualified students.
  3. Ensure that classroom teaching is conducted by qualified and prepared faculty.
  4. Provide effective advisement and career placement services which maximize the opportunity for students to achieve employment upon graduation.
  5. Create a culture of professionalism, helping students develop into ethical business leaders with the organizational and communications skills necessary for success in a global workplace.
  6. Provide a technological environment that expands utilization of information and interactive technologies.
  7. Develop and wisely utilize financial resources to support the mission of the College of Business.
  8. Expand relationships with the external environment to stay cognizant of external expectations and opportunities for the Gary E. West College of Business and our students.


  • To help students find their career focus, develop the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in that career, and obtain satisfying employment in an existing organization or as an entrepreneur.
  • To maintain an ongoing relationship with Gary E. West College of Business graduates, providing useful information for career development and encouraging mentoring and support for current students.
  • To support our community through outreach programs designed to improve and support business development throughout the Ohio Valley region and the State of West Virginia.