Freshman Business Student Investiture Barbeque is First Step to Career Success

Incoming WLU freshmen who have declared a major in Business joined Dean Loren Wenzel and the WCOB Faculty and Staff for an informal welcome, recognition, and barbeque on Friday, August 24.  Many parents and family members also attended to share in the students’ first steps toward successful business careers. Dean Wenzel welcomed the students, introduced the faculty and staff, and invited each attending freshman business major to come to the stage to be recognized.  The highlight of the event was the presentation of printed business cards featuring the student’s name and major along with the Gary E. West College of Business logo.  “These are fantastic,” a student remarked.  “Receiving business cards in my first year of college was a real surprise, and they make me feel very professional.  I can see how useful the cards are going to be.”  Students were observed exchanging cards with faculty members as they made acquaintances and connections. “A business card is an important networking tool for professionals, and that is exactly how we want our business majors to think of themselves – and conduct themselves – as they begin their educational journey here at the Gary E. West College of Business,” said Dean Wenzel.  “The cards will be very useful to students as they branch out and make contacts for internships and permanent job placement,” he said.  “I’m very pleased that so many students demonstrated their commitment to their education by attending the event .” To explore a business major at the Gary E. West College of Business, contact Brianne Poilek at [email protected] or call Brianne at 304-336-8419.