@WLCollegeofEd Freshmen Orientation tomorrow! See you on the Hilltop!   June 25th, 2015

Thanks to all the student volunteers who came out this week for the commercial and photo shoot! It… https://t.co/NSPEklWcCm   June 24th, 2015

Lary Loew Golf Scramble Draws 28 Teams http://t.co/jUHPl8ZTvo http://t.co/PQZ1lituTx   June 24th, 2015

Survey finds severance packages commonly offered for presidents | InsideHigherEd http://t.co/Ie7pr5CVJY   June 24th, 2015

RT @CollegeClass19: My kind of shirt http://t.co/u4TJHOir48   June 23rd, 2015

Welcome to the Hilltop Branigan McGowan, McGuffey High grad! WCCF awards record-breaking $106,500 in scholarships http://t.co/VpVxUKAIYE   June 23rd, 2015

What matters to you when deciding your future? Learn more about West Liberty at Black & Gold Day on July 21! http://t.co/WOYJz0NrRT   June 23rd, 2015