RT @WheelingVisitor: The 33rd Upper OV Italian Heritage Festival is underway! #ItalyFest #GoToWV http://t.co/ZeQdNbXbq0   July 25th, 2015

Student Researchers Have a Busy Summer http://t.co/vaJFXrILVk http://t.co/1vsl0GEGj3   July 24th, 2015

West Virginia hosts U.S. State Department seminar on international education and safety http://t.co/3Sqoic4e1S   July 23rd, 2015

Fourth Class of Physician Assistants Begin their Studies http://t.co/5QbLFkbLAA http://t.co/o6voCUmMIQ   July 23rd, 2015

Gary E. West College of Business Instructor is Expert for WalletHub http://t.co/omfQIdOtDC   July 22nd, 2015

RT @DiscoverWestLib: Annie, Catlin, Laura, Kaitlynn, and Luke talking to our prospective students at Black & Gold Day. http://t.co/3YC7GnAX…   July 21st, 2015

RT @WLActivities: We have set some Open Gym hours for the Fall Semester! #getactive #hilltoppers #westlib http://t.co/1bAsqpi3Xg   July 21st, 2015