RT @WLUVolleyball: Schedule update: this Saturday we will play Taylor at noon, not at 10 am as originally scheduled.   September 3rd, 2015

RT @SGA_WLU: The cheerleaders are looking for someone to be Topper the Bear! If you are interested or know anyone that would be, let us kno…   September 3rd, 2015

2015 Lemonade Day awards handed out, WLU’s Dr. Carrie White takes part in new business event! @WLUEntrepreneur http://t.co/sQvtAExQiN   September 3rd, 2015

New Faculty, Staff Join campus to provide the Best Student Experience http://t.co/rm4icSR4kI http://t.co/4iYoPJCOw0   September 2nd, 2015

RT @SH101atWestLib: Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. -Dr. Seuss #w…   September 2nd, 2015

RT @WLU_LSDC: Looking for a part-time job? Five Guys at the Highlands is hiring! http://t.co/FOKEitQJok   September 2nd, 2015

@WVHEPC Chancellor Paul L. Hill: The answer is higher education https://t.co/039b4PqmcH via @sharethis   September 2nd, 2015