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The Nathan Shotwell Planned Giving Society, established in 1997, recognizes and honors those who have made provisions for West Liberty University through a bequest in a will or other estate-planning arrangement. The Society is named for the Reverend Dr. Nathan Shotwell, who founded the institution in 1837 and served as its leader until 1854. Dr. Shotwell is credited with the establishment of the high academic standards to which the University continues to aspire.

The following alumni and friends of West Liberty University have made such provisions:
*2012-2013 President’s Circle member, leading annual benefactor of WLU

Anonymous (19)
Mary K. Ahrens+
Judith Schryver Azallion ’99
Donna Waugh ’65 Berlage & Bruce L. Berlage*
Patricia L. Bethel ’79
Mildred Kaetzel Biggs+
Albert M. Blatnik ’49+
Thais F. Blatnik ’76
Elizabeth M. Boger ’43+
R. Emmett Boyle*
Donald S. Bruno ’52*
Robert J. Burke ’76+
Neva Caldwell ’22+
Clyde D. Campbell ’53*
Joan L. Campbell ’62*
Leah Gracey Campbell ’39+
Richard H. Carter
Audrey Ciripompa*
Lula K. Collins+
Sharon Murphy Coote ’69
C. Nolan Cox ’71
Naomi Craig+
Dennis L. Daugherty ’76
Joseph E. Davis ’61
Les DeFelice ’76*
Alfred R. de Jaager*
Richard Deenis ’89
Roger Dubois ’53*
Helen P. Elbin+
Paul N. Elbin+
Carlyle D. Farnsworth
Robert Richmond Fisher
Carol L. Flaherty ’66
Dennis K. Flaherty Ph.D. ’67
Susan M. Fowler ’73
Sara Jane Fritz ’43+
Rosemary M. Front+
Carolyn Sue Garrison ’64
Richard D. Garrison ’59
Gloria E. Gasser ’80
Edward C. Gaughn+
Hazel Jane Gilleland+
John D. “Jack” Grewell ’34+
Chester P. ’47+
Rose Grossi
Robert P. Haas ’57
Kenneth Harris ’37+
Constance H. Hein ’81*
Harry R. Hein*
Howard Herrington ’66+
Helen (Gibson) Herzler+
Ralph E. Herzler, Jr.+
John William Hoppers ’63*
David Jones ’60+
David B. Kadar ’74
Miriam E. Kaiser ’29+
Billy E. Keller ’70
Bob ’67 & Patti Kota*
Rachel Katherine Krinke ’45+
John P. Larch ’80
Meta M. Lasch ’76
Howard G. Lemasters ’49+
Theresa J. Lemasters ’48
John P. Liptak ’80
Virginia M. Lutes+
Kathleen A. Maestle ’93*
Helen Kimble Maier ’48
Rita M. Masur
Catherine C. Mattingly ’62
Daniel N. Maxwell ’31+
Marilyn A. McCain ’72
Irene Meagel+
Virginia T. Mellott ’43*
Stella Caravas Misoyianis ’52
Jenny Lynn Morlan ’81+
R. Clark Morton ’53*
Dr. Theresa Nagy ’68
Florence Irene Nesbitt+
Kathryn T. Neuman+
Mary Jane Norona ’49+
Diana Duncan Ott ’60+
Andrew Paesani, Jr. ’54*
Judith Bartell Paesani ’55*
Andrew J. Pasden, Jr. ’69*
Linda L. Pasden*
Karen D. Rea ’65
Phillip S. Rea ’65
Carol Jean Reuther
Richard & Sandra J. LaPosta ’64 Riopelle
Mary Jane Reaney Ritson ’45
Barbara C. Robinson
E. Kent Robinson ’61*
Ronald L. Robinson ’53
Sam K. Rollins ’68
Esther Rowe+
Ruth Ann Scherich ’51
Sara H. Schnitzler ’49+
Howard Shackelford ’73
Peter M. Sontag ’69*
Rebecca B. Stevenson*
Richard G. Stevenson, MD*
Cynthia L. Stickley*
Blanche Barte Stidd
Carol Kirsch Terry ’74
Richard F. Terry, MD ’68*
Thomas E. Terry ’75
B. Ann Thomas
Nancy Crow Trentini*
Le Roy A. & Eve L. ’70 Wallin
Joan M. Watkins ’65
Carol F. Webster ’77*
Flip West*
Gary West ’58*
Mary Ann Wolf+
Elizabeth Wolf

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