Pixar impresses with “Inside Out”

By Hannah Mason, Assistant Editor Pixar is no stranger to telling stories from unusual perspectives. Some of the animation studio’s best-loved and most successful movies have been not-so-unusual tales told from the More »

Supreme Court grants marriage equality in all 50 states

By Jessica Broverman, Editor As of Friday, June 26 2015, it is now legal for all Americans, no matter what their sexual orientation or gender, to marry the person they love. The More »

Why you should keep your beauty au naturel

By Jessica Broverman, Editor We have all gone to certain lengths for our appearance. Whether it be getting a haircut or applying makeup every day, we all have been there. This not More »

How to become more active this summer

By Gabriella Pozell, Contributing Writer I’ll admit it. I used to live a pretty sedentary lifestyle. Actually, that’s probably too generous. “Couch potato” would have probably been a more accurate term to More »

Summer Fun

By Emily Dawson, Contributing Writer Trying to make the most of your summer break while on a budget? Activities such as vacations, concerts, amusement parks, and fine dining can add up quickly, More »


IT Services unleashes new wireless internet in housing, changes to laptop program


By Hannah Mason, Assistant Editor

Since the spring term ended, IT Services and Comcast have begun the process of replacing all modems in campus housing for faster, wireless models. According to Chief Technology Officer of IT Services Jim Clark, this includes all dormitory rooms (except at this time for the unoccupied Boyd Hall and top two floors of Beta Hall), specialty student housing (such as University Place and campus-owned student houses), and campus-owned faculty housing.

Go vegetarian this summer with ease

Vegetarian Orzo Salad_Pozell

By Gabriella Pozell, Contributing Writer

For most of my life, I’ve been what some term a “flexitarian,” or a flexible vegetarian. In other words, I was vegetarian-leaning, but I still didn’t totally make up my mind on the subject of meat.

As a seven-year-old picky eater, I made the decision to quit eating red meat, so my regular source of protein was poultry and fish up until a couple years ago. Then, I gradually phased out eating poultry. I continued to eat fish up until recently when I made the decision to be more committed and become a full lacto-ovo-vegetarian.

Furious 7: A Respectful Goodbye to Paul Walker

fast and furiest

By Marissa Wetterau, Sports Editor

The latest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise has been making an impact on the world/entertainment industry and it pays tribute to the late great Paul Walker, who tragically passed away in a fiery car crash on November 30th, 2013 in Valencia, California. Since it’s release, Furious 7 has been speeding through one box-office record after another, and it doesn’t seem that the film is not going to stop anytime soon.

On April 17th, Universal Pictures announced that the seventh film in the franchise had already reached the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box-office…only 17 days after the release of the film. This feat puts Furious 7 among the biggest blockbuster films of the modern era and it makes this adrenaline filled series one of the most successful movie franchises of all time.

Discover a new place to dine in Wheeling

later alligator

By Jessica Broverman, Editor

One of the many things that attract people to Wheeling are the vast variety of restaurants in the area. This city offers some of the best meals around and have been featured in magazines all over the country. This summer, there are a few places that I highly suggest for a great summer lunch or dinner.

Later Alligator, which is located in Center Market, has a fantastic crepe and sandwich menu with names that will get your attention. My favorite sandwich there is easily the Pulp Fishin’. This yummy treat contains shrimp, avocado, lettuce, tomato and a delicious spread to set off the taste buds. I recently tried an appetizer consisting of brie, walnuts and honey on toasted baguette slices and it was to die for.

West Liberty University Activities Coordinator Kate Billings Selected as Staff of the Year

kate billings

Story Provided

West Liberty University students put their stamp of approval on campus activities by voting Coordinator Kate Billings its Staff of the Year for 2015. The official presentation of the award was made at Spring Convocation.

“I am extremely honored to receive this award. I truly enjoy the teamwork environment between our offices and the students here on campus and it feels great to be recognized for my contributions,” Billings said.

West Liberty University Students Name Michael Aulick Professor of the Year


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West Liberty University students presented Michael Aulick with its Professor of the Year Award for 2015. The presentation was made by Student Government Association Vice President Jeffrey Tice, of Chester, W.Va. at the annual Spring Honors Convocation.

Professor Aulick is the theatre director for Kelly Theatre and an associate professor of theater in the College of Arts and Communication. The students nominate and vote on professor of the year every spring.

Top 5 Reasons to Cruise

The Carnival Glory cruises off the coast of Florida. (Photo by Andy Newman/Carnival Cruise Lines)

By Emily Dawson, Contributing Writer 

For those looking for a hot vacation spot this summer, why not check out the many paradise destinations that cruise lines have to offer? Whether you’re trying to soak up the sun on a tropical island, or escape to a more arctic atmosphere, there will be a cruise for you.

Each morning, you’ll have the experience of waking up at a new travel destination. Cruises provide you with the freedom to really do as much or as little as you desire. From action-packed activities to secluded relaxation spots, there are accommodations available for guests of all ages and interests.

If you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway, or an elaborate around the world experience, the choice is up to you. Cruises provide you with an affordable and luxurious vacation opportunity that’s catered to your needs and expectations. Not only are you granted the freedom to personalize your trip, but the cruise line’s top priority is to meet your individual wishes. More so, these are the top five reasons to consider a cruise as your choice of a summer vacation getaway:

Drugs and gangs in Wheeling are at an all-time high


By Jessica Broverman, Editor

Up until a few years ago, Wheeling had a low crime rate in accordance with gangs and drugs. Small town gangs have always been around, but the problem is growing larger than it had ever been anticipated by the police force. Sergeant Gust Kepreos, a graduate of WLU and employee of the Wheeling Police Department, knows all too well about drug violence and gangs in the Ohio Valley.

“Pitch Perfect 2” Crushed it in all the Right Ways

pitch perfect 2

By Daniel Morgan, Advertising Manager 

Pitch Perfect 2 is now in theaters, and it is aca-awesome. The entire cast is back in this jamming-packed sequel to one of the most fun movies of the 2010s.

The movie fast-forwards to the Barden Bellas’ senior year as they are defending their International Championship of Collegiate A Capella (ICCA) titles. After an embarrassing, yet hilarious, mishap at the Kennedy Center, the Bellas face possible disbandment.

Guapo: “Obscure Knowledge”(Album Review)

Guapo Obscure Knowledge

By Ian Beabout, Online Editor

Guapo, one of England’s most enduring and consistent acts has just released its 9th studio album. Clocking in at slightly under 43 minutes, this new work entitled Obscure Knowledge, was one of my most highly anticipated releases of the year. And does it deliver? Oh yes, and then some.

The group was formed in the mid 1990’s by drummer Dave Smith and began as an experimental trio who released a string of records that were met with mixed reviews. However, it was the release of 2004’s Five Suns that gained the attention of experimental rock fans everywhere. With a sound that utilized elements of progressive rock, minimalist bass grooves, and walls of distorted guitars, then combined them with its repetitive, explosive rhythms and emotional peaks and valleys, the album is masterpiece of dark, cinematic instrumental rock music.