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Drugs and gangs in Wheeling are at an all-time high


By Jessica Broverman, Editor

Up until a few years ago, Wheeling had a low crime rate in accordance with gangs and drugs. Small town gangs have always been around, but the problem is growing larger than it had ever been anticipated by the police force. Sergeant Gust Kepreos, a graduate of WLU and employee of the Wheeling Police Department, knows all too well about drug violence and gangs in the Ohio Valley.

Separating Domestic Violence Fact From Fiction


By Tara Adamcyzk, Advertising Manager 

Domestic violence is a broad topic with endless misconceptions. Domestic and intimate partner violence provides society with generic definitions that limit understanding of how and when the acts become criminal.

Senior Capstone Collection A Huge Success

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Tara Adamczyk, Advertising Manager
This semester, three senior WLU journalism students (Tara Adamczyk, Nathan Johnson, and Katie Ralbusky) focused their senior project on domestic violence. As part of the project, they did a service project where they collected personal care items for victims of domestic violence.

Oh dear! Overpopulation in W.V.


By Jacob Reinard, Contributing Writer

The white-tailed deer is West Virginia’s most popular game animal with 343,000 hunters harvesting over 175,000 deer annually.

But is that enough? Some believe that it is not and that white-tailed deer are overpopulating and creating several problems throughout northern West Virginia.