The Theatre Program is in the process of developing a new Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre that should allow students the flexibility to focus their training in areas of interest. ¬†Until the new degree has been finalized, we will continue to offer a Bachelor’s degree (Communication: Theatre) that has 56 hours of a required core of theatre classes.


THE 125 Introduction of Stagecraft

THE 135 Makeup for Stage

THE 229 Principles of Stage Management

THE 230 Drafting for the Stage

THE 235 Costuming for the Stage

THE 245 Theater Practicum I

THE 255 Acting I: Fundamentals of Acting

THE 300 History of Theater I

THE 325 Stagecraft

THE 330 Scene Design

THE 349 Theater Intern

THE 355 Acting II: Advanced Acting

THE 365 Voice for the Stage I

THE 400 Contemporary Drama

THE 405 Script Interpretation

THE 425 Stage Lighting

THE 465 Movement for the Stage I

THE 470 Play Directing