Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Requesting a Speaker

1. WLU Speakers is a free service of West Liberty University.  As a courtesy, we request a minimum of two weeks before your publicity deadline to make arrangements for a speaker.

2. We request a minimum of 20 planned attendees to place a speaker for an event, though special consideration will be given for certain circumstances.   We additionally require an estimate of the number of attendees as speakers prepare differently for various sized groups.

3. Please note that in certain circumstance organizations located more than 25 miles from the WLU campus will be required to reimburse the speaker’s travel expense at the rate of 50 cents per mile. This is to be paid at the time of the event and paid directly to the speaker.

4. The hosting organization is responsible for providing audio/visual (A/V) equipment as requested by the speaker.

5. We will help you match your topic to a speaker (though an online speaker search will soon be available).  For assistance, please call Jeff Knierim, WLU Vice President of Community Engagement at: (304) 336-8301 | [email protected]

6. We will make the arrangements to schedule a speaker for your event, confirm the engagement, and get additional information as needed.  We will provide you with the speaker’s name and phone number if you have additional questions about the topic.

7. We will follow up with a confirmation notification two to three weeks before the engagement.

8. MEDIA REQUESTS: If you need a WLU expert for media purposes, please contact: Stefanie TroutenDirector of Public Relations/Marketing at: (304) 336-8900 | [email protected]

Thank you for considering the WLU Speakers Bureau for your programming needs.