Program Goals

The goals of the West Liberty University Social Work Program reflect the synthesis of the mission of the University, the student learning outcomes, and the integrative curriculum. These broad goals are infused throughout the curriculum and are linked to the student learning outcomes of the program.

In preparing students to meet the primary objective of gaining the competency needed for beginning social work practice, the Social Work Program teaches from a generalist method of social work. Based on ecological systems model which includes a holistic focus, the curriculum includes didactic and experiential learning opportunities on a variety of levels. The student who completes the baccalaureate program is prepared to enter the profession as a generalist who is able to apply the concepts and principles of social work method in working with individuals, families, small groups, communities, and organizations.

The Social Work program goals are consistent with the goals of West Liberty University as well as support the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) competencies. In an effort to assess these goals and the student learning outcomes, the faculty and program use a variety of assessment methods so that the student and the program are able to demonstrate competency in each of the practice behaviors.

The goals of the Social Work Program are:

1. To graduate students with a baccalaureate (B.S.) degree in Social Work who are competent to begin generalist social work practice.
2. To contribute and enhance student’s awareness and involvement as citizens in the social work/welfare community.
3. To provide a variety of learning opportunities to assist students in both personal and academic development.
4. To educate students to differentiate the unique needs and circumstances between rural, small town, and metropolitan areas.
5. To provide outreach and education regarding the practice and profession of Social Work.

The curriculum is designed to provide for the breadth and depth of knowledge, values, and skills needed for effective social work practice in a variety of settings at all system levels. The social work program is compatible with the mission of West Liberty University, the College of Liberal Arts, and the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department in terms of our joint commitment to meet the educational and developmental needs of our students.