History Curriculum

Am I a good candidate for the History major at West Liberty?
If you are driven to understand how the world works, how it came to its present situation, and more importantly how to take the lessons of the past and apply them towards solving the problems of the future, then a degree in history might be for you.  You will be required to read a variety of styles of literature, work hard, question authority, and learn how to think for yourself rather than simply repeating the information of the past.  Historical scholarship requires self-discipline and a dedication to “reading between the lines” in order to uncover the hidden meaning behind authors’ intentions.  Furthermore, an eye for detail, a creative mind, and a desire to understand the results of human interaction are keys to success in history.

Program Requirements
There are no entry requirements to join the History degree program here at West Liberty University.  However, every student must successfully finish a capstone research course before the degree will be conferred.  This course entails the completion of a journal length research article and presentation of this paper before a faculty committee.

Depending upon each student’s area of interest, prospective History degree seekers will work individually with the faculty members whose research areas intersect those of the student.  This individual attention by the faculty permits greater guidance and support in an effort to meet the professional standards of the discipline of History.

Students must also have an overall G.P.A. of 2.0 or higher in all of their completed courses.


I. General Studies …………………………63 or 48

II. Social Science Core……………………………27
GEO 205 Introduction to Geography
GEO 206 World Regional Geography
HIST 104 History of Civilization II
HIST 211 United States History Since 1876
POLS 101 Basic Concepts in Politics and Government
POLS 201 American Government
SOC 150 Basic Concepts of Sociology
SS 102 Social Science Portfolio
SS 480 Social Science Capstone
One upper-level social science course in discipline other than major

III. History Concentration………………………27
HIST 103 World Civilization I
HIST 210 U.S. History, till 1876

IV. U.S. History Upper-level Electives………6
HIST 302 West Virginia and the Appalachian Region
HIST 401 The American Colonies and the New Nation
HIST 410 The American Civil War Era
HIST 416 U.S. in the Progressive Era
HIST 420 The U.S. in the 20th Century
HIST 422 African-American History
HIST 426 Twentieth Century U.S. Foreign Policy
HIST 436 History of American Labor
HIST 441 American Constitutional History
HIST 442 History of the American Presiency
HIST 444 Native American History

V. European History Upper-level Electives..6
HIST 308 History of Ancient Western World
HIST 309 Medieval History
HIST 312 Viking History
HIST 317 Early Modern Europe
HIST 318 The Long Nineteenth Century
HIST 319 An Age of Extremes: 20th Century Europe
HIST 331 History of the British Isles to 1688
HIST 335 History of the British Empire
HIST 337 Modern Germany
HIST 341 Twentieth Century Russia
HIST 418 The Renaissance and the Reformation
HIST 419 The Holocaust in History and Memory
HIST 451 Ancient and Medieval Gender

VI. Non-Western History Upper-level Electives…6
HIST 371 South and Southeast Asian History
HIST 373 East Asian History
HIST 380 History of the Middle East
HIST 385 History of Africa
HIST 390 History of Latin America

VII. Upper-level History…..3

VII. Electives to total 120 cr.


For more information, contact Dr. Owens (US History), Dr. Reigel (Non-Western/World History), Dr. Cox (Ancient/European History) or Ms. Czernek (US & Ancient History)