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Making Connections

Students participating in our research program are more likely to enter graduate programs in the STEM fields. WLU’s Department of Natural Science and Math has demonstrated an increase in graduating students and in the numbers of students continuing their education in STEM fields, including 12 of our alumni who are currently enrolled in doctoral-level graduate programs, and dozens currently in medical, pharmacy, or veterinary professional programs.


A. Graduate Schools/Professional Programs. Your research experiences with SURE will enable you to establish direct ties with graduate schools such as West Virginia University, Marshall University, and WVSOM, as you interact with individuals from these institutions during “Scientists in the Real World” seminars and when you present your research at State and National conferences. These interactions will provide you with an enhanced opportunity to continue your STEM education following college graduation.

WVU Marshal WVSOM 

B. Student/Faculty Relationships. The activities within the proposed program will include weekly “Student Success” workshops and seminars, evening social gatherings, Friday lunches, and sporting events. These activities are designed to foster interaction between all participants, including faculty, and avoid the “our lab- your lab” divisions.  We seek to establish a collaborative, interactive environment as students troubleshoot issues with their research and relate results on a regular basis.

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C. Seminars and Workshops. The “Scientists in the Real World” seminars will consist of presentations by “real world” scientists performing research in order to promote an understanding of real world application of science. The “Student Success” workshops cover a number of topics essential to a developing scientist, to be presented by both faculty researchers and working scientists. The following workshops will be presented every other week during SURE: Letters to a Young Scientist, Why Statistics are NOT the Enemy!, Career Mentoring and Industry, Choosing the right Graduate School for you (and tips on how to get in…), and Creating and Presenting a Scientific Poster.

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Sound like fun? Apply!

  • To apply, send a cover letter containing your preferred research project(s), CV, contact information for three references and unofficial transcripts to:
    [email protected]
  • Application deadline, February 20
  • Successful applicants will be notified by March 31
  • Questions? Send an email to: [email protected]