Regional Science and Engineering Fair Announcements


The Regional Science and Engineering Fair is pleased to announce the addition of two special awards during the 2011 season. Professor Emeritus Robert W. Schramm, a retired Physics professor from West Liberty University, has made a special physics award possible through his generous contributions to

the fair. The award will be granted to a senior division physics project that demonstrates excellence in physics as determined by professionals in the field. The award is a cash prize of $200.00. Professor Schramm offers the award as a stimulus to increase and focus interest in physics. Physics-based careers are flourishing in today’s economy yet fewer students are choosing to pursue the highly rewarding field. Professor Schramm hopes to encourage interest in the field where he found a rewarding career and life-long love (see news release below).

The second award is made possible through the generosity of an anonymous benefactor of the Regional Science and Engineering Fair. The award is open to any mathematics project in the senior division of the fair. The project must demonstrate outstanding merit in mathematics as judged by a professional in the field. Mathematics, like physics, offers a variety of flourishing career options, yet is underpopulated as a field in the state. Our anonymous benefactor wishes to encourage and cultivate more interest and research in mathematics by offering the cash award of $400.00 to the senior project (grades 9-12) that meets the award requirement of outstanding merit in the field.


New Award Announced for West Liberty Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

In order to promote interest in the science of physics, an Emeritus Professor of Physics from West Liberty University has announced his sponsorship of a special award for excellence in physics at the annual West Liberty Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

Retired Professor of Physics, Robert W. Schramm was the originator of the West Liberty Fair and served as Director for 30 years. “I believe the science fair program serves a valuable educational purpose. We are quick to recognize and reward students for their athletic accomplishments but we tend to ignore their intellectual accomplishments. The science fair program is a vehicle for rewarding young people for intellectual achievement,” said Schramm.

“I am especially concerned about the lack of interest in the science of physics. Therefore, I am creating this special cash award to encourage the youth of the Ohio Valley to become more involved and interested in the science of physics, which is, after all, the basic science upon which all the sciences are based.”

More information on this special award can be obtained from:

Zachary Loughman, Ph.D.
[email protected]
Regional Science and Engineering Fair Co-Director
West Liberty University
West Liberty, WV 26074