D’ Math Club

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We welcome anyone interested in Mathematics or discussions about any topics related to Mathematics.  We also welcome friends of those people.


We usually meet in room 210 Main.  Our meeting time has changed by semesters, but we usually meet twice per month for regular meetings and mostly Mondays this semester.


  • Adam Anderson, President
  • Autumn Hughes, Vice President
  • Kristen Hendershot, Secretary
  • Keith Gallagher, Treasurer

Academic Advisor(s):

Hollie L. Buchanan II

Events and Activities:

DMC had a table at the Special Education Fair last Spring and as part of University Week we sent a thumb drive of messages, comic strips, and news to our future selves.  This semester, we have had a table at the Organization Fair (September 2nd) and a Christmas party (with movie) in late October.  Our Hallowe’en party is being planned for Dead Week.

We welcome and appreciate guest speakers and events.  Last year, we had a demonstration from a Wolfram representative in the Boyle room.

During the Fall Open House, we had pictures on display of DMC volunteers at the Special Education Fair, of presenters at the Spring 2009 MAA regional meeting (at WJU), and other student activities.

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