Melinda S. Kreisberg

Professor of Biology



  • BS, Mount Union College, 1988
  • PhD, University of Tennessee, 1994


  • Bio 124 – Biological Principles
  • Bio 220 – Scientific Methodologies
  • Bio 317 – Immunology
  • Bio 325 – Microbiology
  • Bio 356 – Parasitology
  • Bio 421 – Epidemiology
  • Bio 460 – Molecular Biology
  • Bio 462 – Microbial Pathogenesis
  • Bio 465 – Virology
  • Bio 480 – Biology Capstone

Current Research Projects:

Effects of statins (cholesterol-lowering drugs) on lipopolysaccharide-mediated inflammation in human aortic endothelial cells. Inflammation may be the underlying cause for arteriosclerosis. Statins have anti-inflammatory effects in addition to their well-known cholesterol-lowering activity. Theories have been proposed that link low levels of inflammation caused by bacterial infections and normal flora releasing lipopolysaccharide into the body system to the initiation of the atherosclerotic process. We are investigating if statins can block or reduce inflammation associated with exposure to lipopolysaccharide.

Interests and Hobbies:

I enjoy the theater arts and can be found participating in local productions. I have six dogs and four cats, so you could say I am an animal enthusiast. Our friends believe we own the largest dog in the world although we have yet to measure him. I also enjoy gardening, reading, baking, and rehabbing our log home.

Office: Arnett Hall 211
Phone: (304) 336-8065
E-Mail: [email protected]
West Liberty University
208 University Drive
College Union Box 139
West Liberty, WV 26074