Matthew Zdilla

Associate Professor of Biology




  • BS, University of Pittsburgh
  • DC, New York Chiropractic College, 2006


  • BIO 105 – Life Science for Non-Majors
  • BIO 124 – Biological Principles
  • BIO 125 – Biological Principles Lab
  • BIO 204 – Anatomy and Physiology for Dental Hygiene
  • BIO 212 – Anatomy and Physiology I (Hlth Prof)
  • BIO 214 – Anatomy and Physiology II (Hlth Prof)
  • BIO 302 – Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 303 – Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab
  • BIO 328 – Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • BIO 334 – Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab II
  • BIO 330 – Fundamentals of Nutrition
  • BIO 423 – Pathophysiology
  • PA 501 – Anatomy and Physiology I (MSPAS)
  • PA 502 – Anatomy and Physiology II (MSPAS)
  • PA 510 – Pathophysiology of Disease I
  • PA 511 – Pathophysiology of Disease II

Recent Publications

Zdilla MJ, Swearingen JV, Miller KD, Bender-Heine A, Lambert HW 2016. The retaining ligament of the anterior digastric muscle. J Craniofac Surg. (in publication)

Zdilla MJ, Fijalkowski KM 2016. The shape of the foramen ovale: a visualization aid for cannulation procedures. J Craniofac Surg. (in publication)

Zdilla MJ, Hatfield SA, Mangus KR 2016. The angular relationship between the foramen ovale and the trigeminal impression: percutaneous cannulation trajectories for trigeminal neuralgia. J Craniofac Surg. (in publication)

Zdilla MJ 2016. The Hand of Sabazios: Evidence of Dupuytren’s disease in Antiquity and the origin of the Hand of Benediction. Hand Surg. (in publication)

Zdilla MJ, Pancake A, Lambert HW 2016. Morphometrics of the anterior belly and intermediate tendon of the digastric muscle: sexual dimorphism and implications for surgery. J Craniofac Surg. 27(5):1321-1326

Zdilla MJ 2016. Atrophy of anterior digastric muscle: response to a prospective clinical study. Br J Oral Maxilofac Surg. Epub ahead of print: DOI:10.1016/j.bjoms.2016.02.026

Zdilla MJ, Saling JR, Starkey LD 2016. Zinc sulfate taste acuity reflects dietary zinc intake in males. Clinical Nutrition ESPEN. 11:e21-25

Zdilla MJ, Hatfield SA, McLean KA, Laslo JM, Cyrus LM, Lambert HW. 2016. Orientation of the Foramen Ovale: An Anatomic Study With Neurosurgical Considerations. J Craniofac Surg. Jan;27(1):234-7

Zdilla MJ, Hatfield SA, McLean KA, Cyrus LM, Laslo JM, Lambert HW. 2016. Circularity, Solidity, Axes of a Best Fit Ellipse, Aspect Ratio, and Roundness of the Foramen Ovale: A Morphometric Analysis With Neurosurgical Considerations. J Craniofac Surg. Jan;27(1):222-228

Zdilla MJ 2015. Screening for variations of anterior digastric musculature prior to correction of post-traumatic anterior open bite by injection of botulinum toxin type A: a technical note. J Korean Assoc Oral Maxillofac Surg. 41(3):165-167

Zdilla MJ, Lambert HW 2015. Mylohyoid insertion at the mid-belly of a combined geniohyoid via a fibrous pseudo-hyoid: An observation with implications for submental flap surgery. J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg Open. 5(2015):1-3

Zdilla MJ, Gibson LN, Hunt AJ 2015. Sexual dimorphism of human vallate papillae: an in vivo study of normative morphology. Folia Morphol (Warsz). 74(2):245-251

Zdilla MJ, Starkey LD, Saling JR 2015. A taste-intensity visual analog scale: an improved zinc taste-test protocol. Integr Med. 14(2):34-38

Zdilla MJ 2015. Metformin with either H2-receptor antagonists or proton pump inhibitors: a polypharmacy recipe for neuropathy via vitamin B12 depletion. Clin Diabetes. 33(2):90-95

Zdilla MJ, Cyrus LM, Lambert HW 2015. Carotico-clinoid foramina and a double optic canal: a case report with neurosurgical implications. Surg Neurol Int 6(1):13

Zdilla MJ 2014. Exclusion of musculature from the submental flap: a contingency plan for facial nerve palsy. Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open. 2:e266

Zdilla MJ, Soloninka HJ, Lambert HW 2014. Unilateral duplication of the anterior digastric muscle belly: a case report with implications for surgeries of the submental region. J Surg Case Rep 12:1-2

Zdilla MJ, Soloninka HJ, Lambert HW 2014. A fractal anterior digastric: a case report with surgical implications. Int J Anat Var 7:106-108

Zdilla MJ, Laslo JM, Cyrus LM 2014. Bilateral Duplication of the Foramen Spinosum: A Case Report with Clinical and Developmental Implications. Anat Physiol 4:162

Zdilla MJ, Cyrus LM, Laslo JM, Lambert HW 2014. Bilateral Duplication of the Sphenoidal Emissary Foramen: A Case Report with Implications for Surgeries using Transovale Cannulation. Anat Physiol 4:157

Zdilla MJ, Starkey LD 2014. Salivary carbonic anhydrase VI, zinc sulfate taste acuity, and frequency of illness: a pilot study. Am J Immunol. 10(2):107-113

Zdilla MJ 2014. Variant anterior digastric muscle transfer for marginal mandibular branch of facial nerve palsy. Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open.  2(2):e110

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