Joe Nolan

Academic Laboratory Instructing Assistant



  • B.S. Biology, West Liberty University, 2008


  • Bio 221 – Biological Statistics and Experimental Design
  • Bio 106 – Life Science for Non-majors Lab
  • Bio 125 – Biological Principles Lab
  • Bio 205 – Anatomy & Physiology for Dental Hygiene Lab
  • Bio 212 – Anatomy & Physiology for Health Professions Lab
  • Bio 334 – Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab

Interests and Hobbies:

Bioinformatics, Biological Statistics, Computational Biology & Algorithms, Applications of Calculus in Biology, High Performance Computing, UNIX / Linux Systems Administration, Database Administration, Programming (R, Python, Perl, C++, VBA…), Excessive Guitar Playing, Marshall™ Amplifier Modification, Hard Rock & Heavy Metal (non-geological), Marksmanship, Foreign Language Study, EMS / Firefighting, Zamboni™ driving (seasonally)….

Select Publications:

E. Lau, E.J. Nolan IV, Z. Dillard, R. Dague, A. Semple, W. Wentzell. 2015. High throughput sequencing to detect differences in methanotrophic Methylococcaceae and Methylocystaceae in forest soil, peat and Sphagnum moss in Cranesville Swamp Preserve, W. Virginia, USA. Microorganisms 3: 113-136.


Office: Arnett Hall 108
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