WLU-RC and WLU Sciences

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The West Liberty University Research Corporation partners with WLU’s College of Science to foster and support cutting edge scientific research.  Notable research in areas that may significantly impact the healthcare industry are being undertaken with Research Corporation support.

The leading scientific research at WLU includes work by West Liberty Dean of Sciences, Dr. Robert Kreisberg and study conducted by Jarrett S. Aguilar.

Dr. Kreisberg’s work, Mechanism of Action of Statins on Endothelial Cell Function, studies the buildup of fatty deposits in the walls of major arteries.  Atherosclerosis leads to stroke and heart attacks and contributes to the death of approximately 17 million people worldwide every year.  Until recently, it was believed the narrowing of the arteries (caused by fatty deposits) leading to the heart was the major cause of heart disease.  Scientists now know the rupturing of the plaque is the major cause of heart attack and stroke.  Inflammation (our bodies responding to the plaque as a foreign substance) is a major factor in the rupturing of the fatty deposits.  Dr. Kreisberg’s laboratory is studying factors that may decrease the bodies response to the plaque leading to a decreased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Dr. Aguilar is conducting noted study on Kinetic and Molecular Dynamics Correlations in Cytochrome P450 2C9 Mutants.  This grant-funded research involves drug interactions within a liver enzyme.  The effort is attempting to determine what portion of the enzyme is responsible for these interactions.  Discovery in this area of study would allow for more informed choices on drug combinations, improving the quality of care for liver patients worldwide.