WLU Crayfish Research

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The West Liberty University Research Corporation provides support for individual researchers, including the work of Zachary J. Loughman, Professor of Biology.

Current Crayfish Research Projects:

  • Conservation assessment and distributional survey of West Virginia’s Crayfishes
  • Conservation assessment of all G1-G3 listed crayfish species in West Virginia
  • Taxonomic revision of West Virginia’s members of the crayfish subgenus Puncticambarus
  • Behavioral ecology of Cambarus dubius (Upland burrowing crayfish)
  • Conservation assessment and survey of three Marietta River Relicts in West Virginia: Ambystoma texanum (Small mouthed salamander), Fallicambarus fodiens (Digger Crayfish), and Procambarus acutus (White River Crayfish)

From Zachary Loughman’s WLU Webpage:
“Research in my lab focuses on crayfish natural history, taxonomy, and conservation biology, with an emphasis on crayfishes that occur in West Virginia. To do this, myself and West Liberty University Biology and Environmental Science students travel the state surveying all of West Virginia to determine the conservation status of the states crayfishes. All of this research is performed with the ultimate goal of elucidating the natural history of these enigmatic animals. By understanding this aspect of crayfish biology, conservation recommendations and actions ultimately are will be more useful and efficient.  In addition to this work, we study the ecology of high elevation burrowing crayfishes, investigate the taxonomy of the crayfish subgenus Puncticambarus in West Virginia, and maintain the West Liberty University Astacology Collection which currently houses 3,500 catalogued crayfishes from over 600 collection sites in the Mid-Atlantic United States.”