Nicolette Ludewig

Major/Certification: Secondary English Education
Additional Area(s) of Certification: Autism Endorsement
Hometown: Follansbee, WV
Anticipated Year of Graduation: 2013



Background and Interests/Hobbies:
I probably have the most boring hobbies ever.  I absolutely love going to the movies and seeing a good film! I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I am very creative and enjoy putting my abilities to good use.  Any time there is an activity that involves drawing, creating, or designing, I’m in!

Reason for Choosing WL and the College of Education:
West Liberty was one of my many choices when I began searching for a school.  I visited the school one time during an Open House in the spring. During this visit, my mother and I had jumped into the wrong tour group and I hadn’t even got to meet any in the Education Department.  However, I was greeted warmly by the University’s theater department.  My interest in the arts, the fact that the University offered a great education program, and the schools close proximity to home pushed me to choose West Liberty.  I honestly can’t say that there is some magical story about how I got to West Liberty, but I can say that since my arrival I have been greeted with opportunity after opportunity.  Whatever the reason, I couldn’t be happier with my selection.

Favorite Learning/Classroom/Faculty Moments in the College of Education:
This might sound as if I’m trying to be a sycophant to the Education Department’s Dean, but anyone who has had Dean Camden for class can tell you that her classes are always the most beneficial and rewarding.  Her passion far exceeds that of any teacher I have ever had.  I, like many other education students, often talk about how I strive to be like her one day.  Many students tend to like teachers who are “easy” or have an easy course.  Conversely, Dean Camden is respected because of her enthusiasm and ability to make a profound impact.  Many of my rewarding moments in the College of Education have been a direct result of her instruction.