Faculty & Staff

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Dean’s Office

Dr. Keely Camden

Dean, College of Education/Director of Graduate Education

308 Main Hall 304-336-8247 [email protected]
Cindy Bartholomew Administrative Associated Senior/Certificate Analyst 308 Main Hall 304-336-8047 [email protected]

Chair’s Office

JoJo Ullom Department of Professional Education Chair/Teacher Education Director/Assistant Professor 320 Main Hall 304-336-8080 [email protected]
Dawn Swiger Administrative Secretary 316 Main Hall 304-336-8057 [email protected]

Faculty Members

Krenna Allender Instructor 102 Shotwell Hall 304-336-8241 [email protected]
Margy Bungard Field Experience Coordinator 107 Shotwell Hall 304-830-1745 [email protected]
Patricia Coon Adjunct Professor   304-336-8057 [email protected]
Dr. Miriam Douglas Assistant Professor 105 Shotwell Hall 304-336-8561 [email protected]
Kathryn Edwards Adjunct Professor   304-336-8047 [email protected]
Julie Gebhardt Adjunct Professor     [email protected]
Richard Jones Adjunct Professor   304-336-8074 [email protected]
Lou Karas Center for Arts and Education Director 133 Main Hall 304-336-8162

[email protected]

Earl Nicodemus Associate Professor 318 Main Hall 304-336-8245 [email protected]
Dr. Li-Wei Peng Assistant Professor 103 Shotwell Hall 304-336-8181 [email protected]
Sarah Schimmel Assistant Professor 110 Shotwell Hall 304-336-8170 [email protected]
Kenneth Sexton Instructor 319 Main Hall 304-336-5584 [email protected]
Bruce Smith Graduate Assistant 347 Main Hall   [email protected]
Dr. Judy Stechly Professor 109 Shotwell Hall 304-336-8855 [email protected]
Dr. Traci Tuttle NCATE Coordinator/Assistant Professor 322 Main Hall 304-336-8074 [email protected]