Q. What type of institution is West Liberty University?

A. West Liberty University is a four-year state-assisted institution.

Q. Is housing available on campus?

A. Yes. – WLU residence life.

Q. How much will the program cost?

A. The cost of the program including tuition, books and fees.

Q. Does the institution provide assistance with tuition funding?

A. Assistance with tuition funding may be obtained through the Financial Aid Office.

Q. Can I apply for Tuition Assistance?

A. Yes. We recommend that if you have not completed a FASFA, that you do this right away, FASFA application.  Once you complete the FASFA, please contact the Tuition Assistance Office .

Q . Does the physician assistant program provide grants or scholarships?

A.  At this time, no grants or scholarships are provided by the program.

Q. How many classes are admitted each year?

A. One class will be admitted each July.

Q. Are there preferences in the selection process?

A. The following are preferences and not prerequisites: A background in a health-related field Community service West Virginia residency West Liberty University graduate  

Q. What are my chances of getting into the program?

A. Your chances of getting into the program are influenced by the characteristics of the applicant pool and include factors such as GPA, references, interview performance and number of applicants.

Q. When does the Physician Assistant program at West Liberty University begin?

A.  Our program begins the first week of July each year.