Q. Does your program accept on-line laboratories?

A.  No.  We will consider on-line courses for some of the course requirements however, on-line courses will not be accepted for any prerequisite science specific courses.

Q. What requirements are there to be considered for an early interview?

A.  Applicants who would like to be considered for an invitation to participate in an early interview session MUST  have a “verified” CAPSA application, as well as a WLU PA supplemental … Continue reading

Q. Can prerequisites be completed outside of the United States?

A.  No.

Q. Can prerequisites be waived?

A. No.

Q. What type of institution is West Liberty University?

A. West Liberty University is a four-year state-assisted institution.

Q. Can I be admitted to the program while still completing prerequisites for my undergraduate degree?

A. Students are only permitted to have 2 prerequisite courses in progress at the time of application.  All prerequisite requirements must be completed and verified before matriculation by submission of … Continue reading

Q. What are my chances of getting into the program?

A. Your chances of getting into the program are influenced by the characteristics of the applicant pool and include factors such as GPA, references, interview performance and number of applicants.

Q. When will interviews begin?

A. For the class beginning in July, 2017, early interview sessions will begin in October, 2016.

Q. If I meet the minimum requirements, will I be invited for an interview?

A. Whether you are invited for an interview depends on the make-up of the applicant pool. The most qualified candidates will be invited for an interview. Meeting the minimum requirements does … Continue reading

Q. How do I apply to the program?

A. Applications will be gathered through CASPA, a central applications agency for physician assistant programs.   Application procedures are found on the Admissions page.