Prerequisites and Conditions for Admission

WLU Physician Assistant Studies Master of Science

Students qualified to apply to the West Liberty University Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies degree program will have:

  • Bachelor’s degree (B.S. or B.A.)
  • Minimum Overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Minimum Science GPA of  3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • One year of General Chemistry with laboratory (General Chemistry I & General Chemistry II with corresponding labs, 8 units minimum) – OR –  Inorganic Chemistry + Organic Chemistry + Biochemistry (all three) with corresponding labs (8 units minimum), prefer majors level.  Note:  A single, combined course in organic, inorganic, and biochemistry will not meet this requirement. 
  • Microbiology with corresponding laboratory (4 units minimum), prefer majors level.
  • One year of Anatomy & Physiology with labs (8 units minimum & “human” in nature), prefer majors level.
  • One course in Psychology (General, Introductory or Developmental)
  • One course in Humanities or Social Science (3 units minimum)
  • One year of English and/or Writing (6 units minimum)
  • One of the following Math courses:  college level Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus or Statistics (3 units minimum)
  • All applicants must take and report results for the Graduate Records Examination (GRE)
  • All applicants must take the CASPer Examination (will provide link to access before the next cycle opens)
  • Basic computer literacy including the ability to use Microsoft WORD,  e-mail, and conduct web-based and electronic database searches.
  • Students from non-English speaking countries and those whose primary language is not English MUST provide Evidence of English Language Proficiency.
  • Three letters of recommendation will also be required.  (At least one of these must be from a person with which the applicant worked or from a professor). The reference letters must address the applicant’s personal qualities, ability to work with others, and ability to be an empathetic provider.
  • Personal statement addressing the individual’s motivation for entering the program and expectations from the program will be evaluated.
  • No more than 2 prerequisite courses may be in progress at the time of application.
  • Prerequisites will not be waived.
  • All prerequisites must be completed in the United States.
  • Would prefer all prerequisite courses to have been completed within the past 10 years.

International Student Applicants:

In addition to the requirements listed above, please submit:

1) Proof of English Proficiency: Please submit one of the following test results:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): a minimum score of 80 for the internet-based test (IBT)) or 550 for the paper-based test (PBT). West Liberty code is TOEFL 5901.  Arrangements for the TOEFL test can be made by visiting the TOEFL website.
  • International English Language Testing (IELTS): band score of 6
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE academic):  score of 54
  • EIKEN:  Grade  Pre-1
    **Tests taken more than two (2) years prior to the date submitted cannot be accepted**

2) Credit Certification: Have all your coursework and credits from institutions outside of the United States evaluated by a credential evaluation service provider (e.g. World Education Services (WES), Global Credential Evaluators (GCE), Association of International Credentials Evaluators (AICE), American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), etc.

3) Proof of Financial Support: Submit adequate documentation of financial support for one academic year (12 months). (e.g. Official bank statement, sponsorship award letters, scholarship awards, Affidavit of Support (DHS Form I-134), etc.

4) Copy of your ID page in your passport.

Technical Requirements

Applicants must be able to meet the technical requirements to successfully complete the program.


  • PA Shadowing
  • Knowledge of medical terminology and statistics
  • A foundation in biochemistry and genetics

Preferences for Selection

  • Direct patient care experience is preferred
  • A record of community service
  • West Liberty University graduates
  • West Virginia  residency

Transfer of Credit

  • The WLU PA Program does not accept transfer of credit for any of the PA courses, either in the didactic or the clinical phase of the curriculum.

Screening Evaluation

Candidates will be issued two screening exams during the interview process:  English Composition and Medical Terminology.  Applicants must be proficient in writing and reading comprehension to be accepted into the program.  The Medical Terminology evaluation will not be used to determine acceptance into the program but rather to see where the applicant stands at the time of matriculation.

Advanced Placement (Prior Education and Training/Experience)

The WLU  PA Program does not award advanced placement in either the didactic phase or the clinical phase. No advanced standing or placement will be granted for prior medical education or training/experience.

Student Work Policies

Policy Governing Student Employment: This is a fast-paced, intensive program with a finite amount of time to assimilate course work and complete assignmentsDue to the rigorous academic coursework of the WLU PA Program, students are strongly discouraged from working during the course of study.

Didactic Phase:  Although students are strongly discouraged from working in the didactic phase, they are permitted to do so.  Students who choose to work must inform the Program       Director in writing.  If employment affects a student’s performance or causes a pattern of concern (e.g. failing grades, interfering with academic performance/duties, or sustained     marginal performance), the student will be subjected to administrative action up to an including dismissal from the program.

Clinical Phase:  Students are NOT permitted to work during the clinical phase.  If a student is   discovered by the program to be employed against policy, whether or not it does or does not        affect their performance or causes a pattern of concern, the student will be subjected to administrative action by the PA program up to and including dismissal from the program.  A               student who fails a clinical rotation will be required to repeat the rotation.  Any student who fails a repeated course or clinical rotation will be dismissed from the program.

Health Insurance

Students must submit proof of health insurance coverage by the time of matriculation. See health insurance policy under Program Costs.

Immunizations and Health Screening Requirements

West Liberty University requires that its students, staff and faculty be up to date on the following immunizations and skin tests. Students are expected to have these immunization current upon matriculation and updated as needed prior to beginning their clinical clerkships.

Tuberculosis (TB) Must be completed within the six months prior to entering the program. Applicants with a history of positive tests must provide documentation of appropriate screening and treatment. A history of receiving the BCG vaccine is not a contraindication to skin testing.  Two-step testing is required.
Tetanus-Diphtheria Primary series of 4 doses with DTaP or DTP;
Tdap Booster must be within the last 10 years.
Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) Series of 2 doses. Dose 1 at 12-15 months or later, dose 2 at 4-6 yrs or later  and at least one month apart from the 1st.
Rubella Immunization or positive titer in your lifetime.
Mumps Immunization, disease or positive antibody titer in your lifetime.
Influenza Immunization is required each year.
Hepatitis B Immunization is required for all students.  This series of three immunizations and post- vaccination antibody titer for proof of immunity is required.
Chicken Pox (Varicella) History of disease is acceptable (titer still required).  If no history, two doses of vaccine at least one month apart and titer are necessary.

Bacterial Meningitis immunization is strongly recommended. See links below:

CDC – Meningitis

NMA – State Policy 

Health Screening and Immunization Verification

A health screening and immunization record form is to be completed by the successful candidate and forwarded to the Health Services Center as part of the application process prior to, and as a condition of, matriculation. Students will be required to update their health status and immunizations, prior to entering the clinical phase of the program. Health screening, immunizations, and tests are available at the Student Health Services center. Candidates and students may obtain the immunizations from their own health care provider, but will still need to show proof and obtain clearance from the campus Student Health Services.  Students must provide documentation of immunization or make arrangements with the Student Health Services to meet these requirements.

Documentation of compliance with these requirements (i.e., clearance from Student Health Services) is provided to the Physician Assistant Studies Program for inclusion in the student’s permanent record. Students must sign an authorization that allows the Student Health Services office to provide documentation that the health and immunization requirements have been met.




Students must have reliable transportation in order to report to clinical sites and other scheduled program events.