Athletic Training Track Requirements

[Click HERE for the Athletic Training (AT track) requirements and 4-year plan of study in PDF format.]

The Athletic Training Program is designed to prepare those students for eligibility to sit for the National Board of Certification (BOC) exam upon successful completion of the undergraduate curriculum.  After passing the exam, the student can pursue employment in a wide variety of settings and practice as a nationally certified athletic trainer (ATC). 

The following courses are to be completed during the Freshman year: (9 Hours)

PE 240 Anatomy & Physiology/Lab

SDE 232 First Aid & Emergency Services OR SDE 252 EMT

AT 100 Introduction to Athletic Training


The following courses are to be completed in the Sophomore – Senior years: (67 Hours)

EP 450 Biomechanics

PE 326 Tests, Measurements, & Research Design

PE 345 Exercise Physiology

PE 395 Kinesiology


AT 200 AT Clinical Pract IAT 205 AT Clinical Pract IIAT 220 AT Taping & BracingAT 225 Therapeutic Modalities


AT 300 AT Clinical Practicum IIIAT 305 AT Clinical Practicum IVAT 330 Rehabilitation of Lower Extremity Athletic InjuriesAT 335 Rehabilitation of Upper Extremity Athletic Injuries

AT 340 Orthopedic Assessment of the Lower Extremity

AT 345 Orthopedic Assessment of the Upper Extremity

AT 355 General Medical Conditions & Pharmacology in Athletic Training


AT 400 AT Clinical Practicum VAT 405 AT Clinical Practicum VIAT 410 Seminar in ATAT 420 AT-A Problem-Based Approach  I

AT 425 AT-A Problem-Based Approach  II

AT 435 Administrative Aspects of   Athletic Training

AT 445 AT Capstone





Required: 6 Hours

EP 299 Strength & Conditioning – 3hrs

HE 300 Nutrition & Fitness – 3hrs

Students Choose 6 Hours From the Following:

EP 455 Modification of Exercise – 3hrs

EDUC 201 Human Development – 3hrs

EDUC 207 Foundations of Education – 3hrs

SPED 241 Intro to Exceptionalities – 3 hrs

PE 258 Motor Development – 3hrs

PE 354 Facilities Management in Sports & Physical Education – 2 hrs

PE 355 Sport Law – 2 hrs

PE 365 Psychology and Sociology of Physical Education – 2 hours

PE 371 Compliance – 2 hr