Jessica Bleyer

Major/Certification: Exercise Physiology – Clinical Concentration
Additional Area(s) of Certification: CPR & AED/First Aid Certification
Hometown: Wheeling, WV
Anticipated Year of Graduation: 2013



Background and Interests/Hobbies:
I am currently involved in an international ministry called Young Life, which is an outreach ministry for high school students. Our group goes out into the schools and develops relationships with high school students and speaks them about Christianity. Weekly, we put on ‘club’ every Thursday night which is a chaotic night of fun, games, crazy skits and laughter with a short presentation of the Gospel. We also do ‘campaigners’ every Tuesday evenings which is a deeper Bible study for those who want to learn more about their faith. I have been very involved in my church as well. In the past, I have gone on several mission trips including a trip to Zambia, Africa, a trip to Jamaica and a few local mission trips in West Virginia. I currently attend a weekly cell group for college students at Covenant Community Church Saturday nights.

Reason for Choosing WL and the College of Education:
I chose West Liberty University because it has a great reputation with success among students in the work field. The College of Education has remarkable professors who are patient and willing to work with you individually. I have been able to learn more due to the class sizes being smaller and more intimate settings.

Favorite Learning/Classroom/Faculty Moments in the College of Education:
Some of my favorite moments have been spending time in the Exercise Physiology lab with Dr. Flarity. I have been able to learn how to take blood pressure, perform an EKG, practice with skin-fold calipers and perform many other mechanisms. I love how Exercise Physiology is a “hands-on” major.