Eva Eddy

Major/Certification: Elementary Education
Additional Area(s) of Certification: 5th  – 9th Grades Social Studies
Hometown: New Martinsville, WV
Anticipated Year of Graduation: 2013



Background and Interests/Hobbies:
I have always had a desire and passion for learning.  I loved and still love going to places like COSI, Carnegie, zoos, art museums, and history museums.  I love exploring big cities and places I have never been before, which I like to think I inherited from my father.  My favorite places on earth include Boston, Washington D.C., Cleveland, anywhere in New Hampshire, and of course Wheeling.  I have a desire to create things, which I get from my mother.  Some of my favorite things to create require the use of a stove, oven, or sewing machine.  I love to escape my problems or worries in a young adult, historical fiction, or fantasy novel.  I love helping with the children in my church in a plethora of ways which include:  junior high/high school youth group, VBS, children’s church, and church camp.

Reason for Choosing WL and the College of Education:
I initially chose West Liberty because it is where my degree at WVNCC transferred to as a result of the articulation agreements.  I have to admit that I wasn’t completely sure I wanted to pursue education until I had some of the classes I enrolled in at West Liberty.  One of the first education courses I took here at West Liberty was EDUC 290 with Jojo Ullom.  I think that the passion she exhibited for education as a whole really impacted me and made me realize that I not only wanted to be an educator, I needed to be an educator.

Favorite Learning/Classroom/Faculty Moments in the College of Education:
I think I am very blessed to say that a good percentage of the best teachers I have ever had have been here at West Liberty.  I think the best experiences I had here at West Liberty was the experience I gained from helping with the Kumon program at Wheeling Middle School.  I think it was just so exciting seeing the jumps the students at the school made and how proud they were of their accomplishments.  I have to say that while it is the most strenuous semester of my life, block has been a great experience.  For me, the best part of block has been observing and helping within the school.  Seeing that “light bulb” moment in a child is the best feeling in the world and gives you the best natural high imaginable.