Black & Gold Opportunity Plan

The West Liberty University BLACK AND GOLD OPPORTUNITY PLAN focuses on promoting access, affordability and success for underserved students, which could include first generation college students, older students, working adults, veterans and transfer students.


Underserved students often encounter problems accessing higher education opportunities due to factors that contribute to or perpetuate lower educational aspirations, achievement and attainment.

  • Low-resource students may lack the financial resources necessary for standardized test preparation, tutoring services or actual costs of attendance.
  • First generation college students may lack assistance from parents or other family members who are unfamiliar with the complexities of navigating the college admissions and financial aid process. Moreover, these students may also come from families that undervalue a post-secondary education and, consequently, fail to provide encouragement and support.
  • Students from remote or economically disadvantaged areas may matriculate from schools or communities that lacked the educational resources, programs or opportunities that would help prepare students for the rigor of higher education.
  • Older, nontraditional students and veterans who seek to resume their education are often unaware of opportunities that are available or unfamiliar with the admissions and financial aid processes.


Underserved students are especially susceptible to factors such as the rising price of college, stagnating incomes and diminished asset values that exacerbate the problem of affordability. Moreover, many underserved students are averse to assuming debt. However, the perception of college affordability is often worse that the actual reality due to the lack of information regarding the availability of financial assistance.


Underserved students seek a college education for the same reason as most other college students – to prepare themselves to become financially self-sufficient. The primary elements in attaining such success are (1) achieving an appropriate level of knowledge in a field of study; (2) developing the intellectual skills necessary to gather and process information; and (3) gaining the ability to apply their knowledge professionally.

Unfortunately, underserved students often struggle with the educational process, which negatively impacts their degree of student success. In addressing this critical issue, West Liberty University prides itself on the personal attention provided its students, which is evidenced by higher graduation and retention rates.

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