Summer is the perfect time to plan your future as West Liberty University welcomes incoming freshman with orientation sessions for new students, planned by each academic college.

Incoming biology major Connor Clark, Parsippany, N.J., discusses campus life with his mother Kristen.

Incoming biology major Connor Clark, Parsippany, N.J., discusses campus life with his mother Kristen.

“Freshmen entering for the Fall 2013 term are registering for their classes and attending orientation during the summer months and orientation days are designed to make it easy and smart. Each academic college invites first year students to come on the designated day when it will be the most beneficial to them,” said Admissions Director Brenda King.

When the fall term begins on Monday, Aug. 26, class schedules based on each student’s major field of study should be ready to go.

“That sounds far off now, but if you want the transition to college to go smoothly, and who doesn’t, then this one day of on-campus planning will ensure a good freshman experience and allow you to pick the classes you want,” King said.

Dates for WLU orientation include:

  • June 11, College of Arts and Communications
  • June 18, College of Business
  • June 27, College of Education
  • July 9, College of Liberal Arts
  • July 16 & 17, College of Sciences
  • July 25, Undeclared Majors
  • July 30, Open to all incoming students
  • Aug. 6, Open to all incoming students

Because of attendance, July 16 filled up quickly and a second orientation for incoming science majors was added, according to King.

Amena Anderson shares the facts with parents attending summer orientation.

Amena Anderson of the Learning and Student Development Center shares the facts with parents attending summer orientation.

Orientation offers students the opportunity to learn how to register and complete their class schedule for the fall semester, meet faculty for their college, take necessary ASSET tests, have the all-important ID picture taken, view their residence hall room, learn specific information about financial aid, and take care of all those tasks for the new semester. Since all freshman students have the opportunity to participate in the WLU Student Laptop Program, the laptop intent form too must be completed during orientation to ensure that students are ready to go with technology.

Parents are encouraged to attend the orientation sessions and learn more about their role in the college process with WLU’s Parent Power program.

To sign up for orientation and early registration visit WLU online at and click on New Student Orientation and Early Registration Form. After selecting an orientation date, students will receive a written confirmation and agenda one week prior to the date selected.

For additional information, please call the WLU orientation office at 304-336-8345 or toll free at 866.WEST LIB.

“We are always happy to receive phone calls and help parents or students with their questions. The summer is the perfect time to plan and ask all those questions that you may have forgotten in the final rush of your senior year of high school,” said King.

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