Coach and Vernon Dunnom

Football Head Coach Roger Waialae discusses rescheduling exams with student athlete Vernon Dunnom today.

Thanks to security records and the testimony of a number of WLU individuals that supported the claim of Vernon Dunnom that he was not in Florida at the time he allegedly was involved in a murder in Florida, Dunnom is now a free man.

Swipe card records that track students entering and leaving their dormitories on the institution’s campus indicate that Dunnom, 24, went in and out of Beta Hall several times on Friday, Nov. 16, 2012, the day on which the crime was committed. In addition, the statements of witnesses place Dunnom at a local restaurant that evening. A signed credit card receipt also affirms the testimony that Dunnom and a teammate ate at the Liberty Tavern, West Liberty, W.Va., on the evening that the murder occurred in Miami Gardens, Fla., a city 1,000 miles from West Liberty.

Dunnom was arrested on Friday, Dec. 7 and placed in the Northern Regional Jail pending extradition to Florida on the charge, despite his claim that he hadn’t been in Florida for more than a year. On Saturday, the dormitory records and statements were provided to Dade County investigators who were undeterred in their efforts to take Dunnom to Florida to face the charges.

In addition, credit card records also show that Dunnom ate at the Drover’s Inn in Wellsburg, W.Va., on Thursday evening. Also, signed for a package at the school’s mail office on Saturday and attended the Steelers-Ravens game with friends in Pittsburgh on Sunday evening. Most recently, a photographic record of Dunnom on the WLU campus was discovered and shared with the authorities.

“As our investigation uncovered relevant information, we provided such information to Vernon’s attorney in order that the facts could be established,” said President Robin C. Capehart. “We’re just happy that it worked out for Vernon and for the entire University.”

Dunnom was a running back for the Hilltoppers during the 2012 season.

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