Online Music Classes

The Division of Music will offer two fully online classes this summer!

MUS 101 Fundamentals of Music is open for registration!

Summer Session III: June 23 to July 11. 100% ONLINE.

Catalog Description:  MUS 101. Fundamentals of Music. 2 credit hours. Introduction to fundamental elements of music reading. Pitches, octaves, note names, the piano keyboard, staff, clefs, whole- and half-steps, major scales, minor scales. Introduction to basic intervals. Introduction to rhythm notation. No prerequisite.

This course is intended for anyone who wants to learn the basics of music theory.  Whether you’re preparing for freshman music theory classes, want to brush up on the basics, or just want to learn more about music, this course covers everything you need to know.

 Current WLU students may register through WINS; non-WLU students can find the application form HERE.

Information about tuition and fees for this affordable 2-credit course can be found HERE.