Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Health and Safety

Articles available from the NASM website:
“Health Issues for Performing and Visual Arts Students”
“NASM/PAMA Advisories on Hearing Health”

Tips for a Healthy Voice from guest-speaker and UPMC throat surgeon Dr. Vyvy Young. Dr. Young visited WLU on September 10th, 2013 and spoke to music students and faculty about vocal health.

The following is an excerpt from the WLU Music Student Handbook:

2.10 Health and Safety
The Music Unit is concerned for the health and safety of all constituencies (students, faculty, and staff) in the contexts of musical practice, performance, teaching, and listening. Below you will find basic information about the maintenance of health and safety in these contexts.

For questions and/or concerns about the maintenance of health and safety, any and all constituencies can contact a member of the faculty, the Department Chairperson, and/or the university’s Health and Safety Specialist.
All constituencies should take appropriate measures to protect their hearing by using in-ear volume suppression and/or increasing the distance from loud sound sources.
All constituencies should refrain from using potentially dangerous equipment in the context of practice, performance, teaching, and listening without first obtaining permission and/or instruction from a qualified professional.

Hall of Fine Arts – students, faculty, and staff should take care to use appropriate hearing protection when utilizing music practice rooms and rehearsal spaces in the Hall of Fine Arts.
Elbin Auditorium – students, faculty, and staff are not allowed to move, adjust, or operate the Wenger acoustic shells on stage without prior consent from the Department Chairperson and appropriate operational training. Each shell is marked with this warning notice. Students and staff are not allowed to move and/or adjust the Steinway or Baldwin grand pianos without consent from a member of the faculty or qualified staff person.
Media Arts Center Recording Studio – successful completion of MUS 287 Recording Techniques I and consent of the Recording Studio Director are required before independent studio use is permitted. Anyone using the studio should always take proper precautions regarding volume levels on studio monitors and headphones.

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