2012 SESSION DESCRIPTIONS – Read these first

The Sessions are listed in chronological order, as they will appear during the day. First read through the session descriptions and the Presenter Bios, to determine what you want to see, then go to the 2012 Registration link to select your sessions. Sessions will fill up, so be sure to pre-register before April 17




An Informal Chat with Greg and Roxana Greg Spalenka and Roxana Villa Spend some time in an intimate setting getting to know two award winning artists and entrepreneurs from Los Angeles. Hear personal stories about career highlights and struggles. Feel free to ask questions and receive candid answers about their careers. 


Breaking the Mold Jesse Lenz How to break into the art world, and not ooze into it. This session will explore the journey of graduating high school, choosing a University, finding your artistic voice, then using your skills to make money. Jesse Lenz will share his story of how he became one of the industry’s most in demand illustrators in less than two years after graduating from West Liberty University. 


3D animation with Lightwave graphics 

(Hands On)

Christian Lee An introduction to Lightwave 3D animations – The session will concentrate on the use of key framing, texturing, surfacing, and lighting effects; The students will participate in the making of simple animated logos for a business (or school) of their choice. The project will be burned to a DVD for the students to take home. 


Television production workshop -Behind the scenes of WLTV 

(Hands on)

Jared Thompson The first part of the session is a quick lecture style “how to” do everything, then we jump into it and produce a television show. Topics include Producing, Directing, Graphics, Audio, Teleprompter, Master Control, Camera Operating, Talent, and Floor managing. 


Digital Photography - Tips and Tricks Seth Miller and Sam Starkey How do you take a unique, artistic photograph that will stop people in their tracks? West Liberty digital media students share some of their techniques and tips for creating stunning digital imagery. Both students are up and coming artists who are pursuing their dreams in the world of image making. 


Art takes Center Stage Meta Lasch and WLU student set designers A discussion of how art is used in the theater including set design, costume design, lighting design, hair and makeup. 


Self Portraits and image making with the I-Pad 2 

(Hands On)

Brian Fencl Participants will be introduced to image making apps for the IPad 2 while they create a number of photographic self portraits. Students will be able to email themselves the results of their work. 


Creating a “Sizzle Reel” Christian D’Andrea The documentary-reality film and TV business is a thriving industry.  Channels like Discovery, NatGeo, and History are powerhouses with some of the top programming on TV.  So what does it take to sell a show to them?  A lot.  But one of the main things it takes is tape.  Good tape.  Every network wants to see tape as part of a pitch.  And one of the affectionate terms for that all-important 4-5 minute piece of tape is “sizzle reel.”  Sizzle Reels help sell shows.  This session will explore the basics of Sizzle Reels.  We’ll watch two that have resulted in network deals.  And we’ll watch one that didn’t.  What made the successful ones work?  How do you encapsulate and highlight a whole world in just 4 minutes?  In this session, you’ll discover some of the secrets to Sizzle Reels. 


“CSI From Soup to Nuts” (Creating music for TV and film) 


Jamie Peck The session will take you on a tour of how I create a piece of music use for television.  Starting from a basic idea to creating grooves, melodies and sound fx. 

This piece of music could very well be used for a promo for the popular show “Crime Scene Investigation.”

Cloud Computing for Digital Media 



Mark Starcher Welcome to the cloud. You’ve heard about it, but you are not quite sure what it is. Find out how to use the cloud to enhance the scope and efficiency of your digital media projects.
The Art of Concept Design 

Greg Spalenka Learn principles of concept design for film and entertainment. 

See character and environment development for The Ant Bully, The Golden Compass, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and a 2012 release of a new CG animated feature!


How to Create your own 2D character! 

(Hands On)


Alex Allen Talented West Liberty graphic design senior Alex Allen introduces you to his creation of this year’s MAD mascot – Rex Rocket. Alex shows you the digital illustration techniques he used to create Rex, and then he turns you loose to create your own lovable character. 


Mixed Media Workshop 

(Hands On)



Robert Villamagna Award winning assemblage artist Robert Villamagna encourages you to get your hands messy as he leads the class in the construction of a group mixed media project.
Virtual Analog Synthesizers 

(Hands On)




Dr. Matthew Harder An introduction to Analog Synthesis using the built-in synthesizers in Apple’s GarageBand and Logic software.  The session will describe the basics of analog synthesis from its origins in the 1950s, to the hardware of the 1970s, to the software of today.  Students will learn the basic components of analog synthesis through several “soft synths” in GarageBand and Logic, including oscillators, filters, envelope generators, midi control, and more. 


Constructive Deconstruction 



Jesse Lenz This session will examine the work, thought process, and difficulties that go into commissioned illustration. 

Jesse Lenz will show examples of his printed work and the back and forth process that it takes to get to a final work of art.

“Its really important for students to see that in every kind of creative work has stumbling blocks that require compromise, but that is not a bad thing!”


Breaking into the radio business. 


Jeremy Puglisi 

“The DUDE” DJ from Eagle 107.5


Jeremy presents his personal story of how he broke into the radio business, and how his digital media design background provided him with the skills to have staying power in a very competitive and changing business.
An Illustrated Perfumer Roxana Villa If Roxana’s drafting table could tell stories it would share her magical ride from illustrator to perfumer. Come hear an adventurous tale of how a lover of plants went from the realms of award winning illustration to her own “illuminated” product line.Roxana Villa started her creative path as an illustrator in NYC working freelance for publishing and advertising. After earning several awards her career took an S curve when she became conscious of the interconnections between painting, alchemy and perfume. 


Cool Tricks in Illustrator! 

(Hands On)

Paul Padgett Professor Padgett introduces you to some professional tricks for making your digital designs way more exciting. 


Introduction to Faux Finishes 

(Hands On)

Meta Lasch and WLU student set designers A hands-on workshop where the participants will have the opportunity to create a faux wood-grain panel.  Space and materials are limited. 


Portfolio Review 


Greg Spalenka and Roxana Villa Greg and Roxana will be reviewing High School and College art portfolios and artwork. Hear a professional perspective. Don’t be shy! 


Composing Electronic Music 


Dr. Matthew Harder 


This session will detail how I used software synthesizers to compose two different pieces of music: Carrier for saxophonist and electronic sound, and Processional.  Carrier for alto saxophone and electronic sound was finished in early 2012 and was premiered by Dr. Christopher Barrick at the North American Saxophone Alliance conference in Arizona in March 2012.  Processional was written in 2010 for a family wedding.  I will show step-by-step the process of how I created the electronic sound in each piece. 


Power Hour 


Jesse Lenz Watch as Jesse Lenz creates an illustration from scratch. 

See into his creative process, get inspired, and have questions answered.

Prepare for the most amazing hour of your life…seriously!


Illuminating Marketing 

Roxana Villa Roxana willl share the fundamentals of creative techniques she uses to market herself as both an illlustrator and perfumer.