Behavioral Intervention Team

Threat Assessment Overview and Procedure

What is a Behavioral Intervention Team?

The Behavioral Intervention Team is a group of campus professionals who are trained to assess and manage those referred for behaviors of concern such as potential violence, safety, or mental health issues. A core function of the BIT is threat assessment and early intervention, with the hope of prevention. The BIT offers a structured positive method for appropriately dealing with problem student behaviors impacting the West Liberty University (WLU) community.

Behavior Intervention Team Members
Associate Dean of Student Services/Director of Housing & Residence Life, Campus Police, Counselor, Psychologist, Retention Specialist

Reasons for a Behavior Intervention Referral (Student Safety Concern)
1. Self-injurious behavior or suicidal thoughts or attempts.
2. Threatening, dangerous, or alarming behaviors (including online activities) that disrupt WLU students, faculty, staff, or community safety. Examples include threats of a weapon on campus, threatening to harm others, vandalism, aggression, and intimidating gestures.
3. Alcohol and drug abuse high risk behaviors.

Referral Procedure:

  • For safety issues/immediate emergency (see above 1-3) call Campus Police (304) 336-8021 or 911
  • To submit a referral:  log into your WINS account → Select ‘Early Alert System (scroll to the bottom) → Use the drop down menu to select whether you are an advisor, faculty, or staff → Select Issue Alert’ →  Select Behavior Alert’ and complete the form.

Behavior Intervention Team Member Office Phone Numbers:

1. Campus Police, 304-336-8021
2. Associate Dean of Student Affairs/Director of Housing & Residence Life, Marcella Snyder 304.336.8345
3. Counselor, Lisa Witzberger, 304-336-8215
4. Psychologist, Dr. Marshall, 304-336-8179

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