1. After carefully reading and reviewing this information, schedule a meeting with the Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Program to obtain basic information concerning the program.  You may call 336-8030 for an appointment.
  2. Select two faculty members to serve as your advisors, one from each area of specialization.  If you need assistance in selecting advisors, the IDS Coordinator will assign two members of the IDS Committee to serve as facilitators for program development and advisor selection.
  3. Complete and return the IDS application to the IDS Office, Main Hall, West Wing, Dental Hygiene Department.  (The admission/curriculum forms in your packet can be used as a rough draft.)
  4. Work with both academic advisors to develop an individualized curriculum that meets the guidelines of the Interdisciplinary Program.
  5. Submit the “Comparable Program” form and the “Application for Admission-Program Curriculum” form which includes your program curriculum to the Coordinator at least ten days before the next full Interdisciplinary Committee Meeting.
  6. After admission into the IDS Program, the student will follow his official course curriculum exactly as the Committee approved it.  If a student has a legitimate reason for a change to his curriculum later in the program, he must follow the proper procedures.  1) Discuss change with advisor and get his/her approval; 2) complete a special change request form available from the Coordinator; and 3), submit form to Coordinator to be presented at the next Committee Meeting.
  7. An “Independent Studies Project” is required to be completed the last semester before graduation.  Approval must be obtained during the spring semester of the student’s junior year, or the fall semester of the senior year.  It is imperative that the IDS Committee approves the student’s project BEFORE he/she begins work on it.  For more information, refer to ‘Procedures for Developing Independent Studies Project’ of the “Policies and Procedures” document in your packet of information, also available from the Coordinator.
  8. Students and advisors are required to be present at the IDS Committee Meetings.