Clyde D. Campbell, President Emeritus
Clyde D. Campbell, President Emeritus

For many years the West Virginia legislature provided nearly 100% of the funds necessary to operate West Liberty State College.  However, a number of years ago, that percentage figure began to decrease year by year.  Recognizing this trend, the administration of the College established a body that would seek supportive funding from sources other than the state legislature.  This was the West Liberty State College Foundation; now the West Liberty University Foundation, Inc.

The West Liberty University Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and is operated, on a day-to- day basis, by an Administrative Manager, with offices on West Liberty University campus.

The stated mission of the West Liberty University Foundation, as adopted by the Board of Directors, is as follows:  “The Foundation supports, strengthens and sustains the University through cultivation, investment and stewardship of private funds.”

In fulfilling this mission the West Liberty University Foundation invests the proceeds from gifts, donations, bequests, etc. and returns the earnings to the University for a variety of purposes:  student scholarships, program enhancements, faculty development, capitol projects, and other needs as identified by the president of the University.

In this fashion, the West Liberty University Foundation has provided and continues to provide, to the University, funds for basic operating needs and enhancements that would otherwise not be possible.

Clyde D. Campbell
President Emeritus