WLU Announces The Gary E. West College of Business

The West Liberty University Board of Governors has taken action to honor one of the University’s most prestigious benefactors by renaming WLU’s business school The Gary E. West College of Business.

West’s most recent gift is a $1.5 million contribution, to be distributed in three equal installments over the next three years to the College of Business.  Additionally, West’s historical record of significant donations to the University and other philanthropic acts, combined with his efforts to secure West Liberty’s future by providing for more funding from his holdings, have prompted University officials to petition the Board of Governors to approve changing the name.

At its meeting Wednesday evening, the BOG approved the measure.  The name change became official at that point.

University President Robin C. Capehart thanked West for his longstanding support.  “Gary West’s commitment to West Liberty University is immeasurable. Gary’s gifts, past and present, in addition to the future provisions he has made to his alma mater, continue to make a deep and lasting impact.”

“These have been challenging times economically for institutions of higher education.  To have an individual like Gary West come forward and provide the resources necessary to elevate the quality of education that we provide for our students at West Liberty University is obviously something that is greatly appreciated and very much needed,” Capehart added.

West sees his contributions as an investment in the future.  “About two and a half years ago, the president shared some enrollment information with me, and some of his concerns.  He told me about his vision of trying to make West Liberty the best business school in West Virginia.  I share his vision.  He convinced me to help out and make the vision a reality.”

Dr. Loren Wenzel, Dean of the Gary E. West College of Business, believes the students are the real winners.  “This is life-changing for us.  This will positively impact our ability to create 21st century programs and will provide the ability to continually enhance the quality of our faculty.   Students entering the Gary E. West College of Business will benefit greatly from the overwhelming generosity Mr. West has shown to the College of Business and to West Liberty University.”

West graduated from West Liberty with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1958.