Great universities provide their faculty with professional development opportunities that will prepare them for positions of leadership in the future. Moreover, great universities engage in an effective and efficient program of succession planning that identifies and develops personnel that possess the potential to fill key leadership positions in the organization.

Thus, beginning in Academic Year 2012-2013, West Liberty University will initiate the Executive Fellowship Program that will provide selected faculty members with an experiential opportunity that will focus on learning and understanding both the academic and administrative operations of the institution.


Executive Fellows shall work with the institution’s administrative and academic leaders as they perform their policymaking and organizational duties and responsibilities throughout the course of the academic year. In particular, the Executive Fellows shall observe and assist the President, Provost, College and School Deans, Chief Financial Officer, Dean of Students, Athletic Director, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Vice President of Community Engagement and other designated individuals in leadership positions with the goal of obtaining a greater comprehension and realization of the operation of the institution as a whole.

Executive Fellows shall receive a general orientation, attend meetings, participate in conferences, conduct research, prepare reports and, in general, undertake other duties and responsibilities, as assigned.

The Executive Fellowship Program is operated, in part, through the Institute for Innovation in Education.


The three Executive Fellows for the Academic Year 2012-2013 are as follows:

Dr. Christopher Barrick
Assistant Professor of the Department of Music and Theater
College of Arts and Communications

Dr. Teresa Faykus
Assistant Professor of Nursing
RN-BSN Coordinator
College of Sciences

Dr. Tammy McClain
Associate Professor of Social/Behavioral Sciences
College of Liberal Arts