Foreign Languages

Our foreign language minors must be earned in conjunction with a B.A. degree only.

French Minor

Required Courses
FREN 101 – Beginning French I
FREN 102 – Beginning French II
FREN 201 – Intermediate French I
FREN 202 – Intermediate French II
FREN 303 – Advanced French Grammar and Writing
FREN 340 – French for Current Affairs

French Electives…6 hrs.

Spanish Minor

A minor in Spanish can open the door to other cultures and help students become aware of and appreciate the diverse peoples who make up their world, an essential component of the liberally educated student. Those with a Spanish minor also come to understand their native language more fully, think more flexibly, listen more attentively, and use grammar more skillfully in English.

Required Courses
SPAN 101 Beginning Spanish I
SPAN 102 Beginning Spanish II
SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 301 Conversation and Composition I
SPAN 302 Conversation and Composition II

Spanish Electives…6 hrs.
*Students with previous education/experience in French and Spanish may elect to test out of the elementary language courses through examination.

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Minor

Required Courses
ENG 275 Structure of English
ENG 276 Linguistics and History of English
ENG 410 Methods of Teaching Foreign Language
LING 285 Introduction to Second Language Acquisition
LING 315 Sociolinguistics