English Minors

All our English minors are only available with a B.A. degree only.

English Minor

An English minor is an excellent combination with majors such as history and psychology.

Required Courses
ENG 204 British Literature before the 18th Century
ENG 205 American Literature before the Civil War
ENG 214 English Literature after 18th Century
ENG 215 American Literature after the Civil War
ENG 311 Shakespeare
ENG 385 Advanced Composition
ENG 495 English Liberal Arts Senior Seminar

English Electives
Any two upper-level English courses


Creative Writing Minor

Required Courses
ENG 323 Writing for Comics
ENG 360 Creative Writing: Poetry
ENG 361  Creative Writing: Prose
ENG 362  Creative Writing: Nonfiction
THE 360  Playwriting: The One-Act Play

Graphic Narrative Minor

Required Courses
ENG 220 Principles of Graphic Narrative
ENG 221 History of Sequential Art
ENG 323 Writing for Comics
ENG 412 Topics in Graphic Narrative (6 hours)

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Minor

Required Courses
ENG 275 Structure of English
ENG 276 Linguistics and History of English
ENG 410 Methods of Teaching Foreign Language
LING 285 Introduction to Second Language Acquisition
LING 315 Sociolinguistics

Writing Minor

The WLU writing minor is designed to give students a variety of writing experiences—from creative to technical to practical. Whatever the students’ major disciplines, the writing minor will dovetail well. The minor consists of 18 hours of required courses (Technical Writing, Creative Writing Prose and Poetry, Advanced Composition, Literary Criticism, and Desktop Publishing) and 3 hours of electives chosen from a variety of courses in other disciplines.

Required Courses
ENG 274 Technical Writing
ENG 275 Structure of English
ENG 385 Advanced Composition
ENG 400 Composition Theory
Choose one of the following:
–ENG 360 Creative Writing – Poetry
–ENG 361 Creative Writing – Prose
–ENG 362 Creative Writing – Nonfiction
–ENG 323 Writing for Comics