Writing and Rhetoric Major

Poetry on demandI. GENERAL STUDIES

COM 203 Argumentation and Debate
COM 434 Desktop PublishingENG 274 Technical Writing
ENG 275 Structures of English
ENG 276 Linguistics and the History of English
ENG 360 Creative Writing: Prose
ENG 361 Creative Writing: Poetry
ENG 385 Advanced Composition
ENG 479 Special Problems
ENG 495 Liberal Arts Seminar
PHIL 210 Logic and Critical Thinking

III. ENGLISH ELECTIVES: Any eight English courses except 101 and 102, a minimum of four which must be 300 level or above.

IV. RESTRICTED ELECTIVES: Choose four of the following:
COM 231 News Writing and Reporting
COM 232 Broadcast News Writing
COM 233 History and Survey of Journalism
COM 322 Writing for Radio and Television
COM 332 Feature Writing
COM 333 Editorial Writing
COM 477 Genre Writing
FREN 303 Advanced French Grammar and Writing
PS 305 Essentials of Professional Grant Writing
PS 308 Rhetoric and Reasoning for Professionals

V. Electives to Total…128 Sem. Hrs.