Literature Major

KRooney2013Class-2I. GENERAL STUDIES

ENG 204 English Literature
ENG 205 American Literature
ENG 214 English Literature after the 18th Century
ENG 215 American Literature after the Civil War
ENG 311 Shakespeare
ENG 385 Advanced Composition
ENG 490 World Literature I OR ENG 492 World Literature II
ENG 495 Liberal Arts Seminar

III. ENGLISH ELECTIVES: Any five English courses except 101 and 102, three of which must be 300 level or above.

IV. REQUIRED ELECTIVES: Select one of the following.
ENG 275 Structure of English
ENG 276 Linguistics and History of English
ENG 395 Literary Criticism

V. SECOND FIELD OF STUDIES OR ELECTIVES TO TOTAL…128 Sem. Hrs. One course should be above 300 level.