Graphic Narrative Major

2013-08-12 12.47.17I. GENERAL STUDIES

English/Fine Arts Core
ART 104 Drawing I
ART 204 Drawing II
ART 110 Design I
ENG 220 Principles of Graphic Narrative
ENG 221 History of Sequential Art

English Core
ENG 200 Introduction to Literary Studies
ENG 204 English Literature before the 18th Century
ENG 205 American Literature before the Civil War
ENG 214 English Literature after the 18th Century
ENG 215 American Literature after the Civil War
ENG 311 Shakespeare
ENG 323 Writing for Comics
ENG 360 Creative Writing-Poetry OR ENG 361 Creative Writing-Prose
ENG 412 Topics in Graphic Literature (2 courses under different topic headings)
ENG 495 Liberal Arts Seminar

III. ELECTIVES TO TOTAL…128 Sem. Hrs. One course should be above 300 level.

Junior Emily Hastings Reads a Classic in the realm of graphic narrative literature