Dr. Shannon Halicki








Dr. Shannon Halicki
Dean of the Honors College
Coordinator of the Advanced Academy of West Virginia
Director of the WLU Study in France in Strasbourg, France
Associate Professor of French and Spanish
Elbin Library 24
Main Hall 170

Ph.D. in French Linguistics from Indiana University (2009)
M.A. in French Linguistics from Indiana University (2002)
B.A. in French and Linguistics from the University of Iowa (1999)

Research Specialties:
Second Language Acquisition

Courses at WLU:
Linguistics and the History of English (ENG 276)
Special Topics: Language in Society (HON 378)
Special Topics: African American Vernacular (ENG 478)

Survey of French Literature (FREN 302)
Advanced French Grammar and Writing (FREN 303)
French Culinary Tradition (FREN 316)
French in Foreign Affairs (FREN 340)
Methods of Teaching Foreign Language (FREN 410)
Advanced Oral Expression and Phonetics (FREN 470)
First-semester French (FREN 101)
Second-semester French (FREN 102)
Third-semester French (FREN 201)
Fourth-semester French (FREN 202)

First-semester Spanish (SPAN 101)
Second-semester Spanish (SPAN 102)

First-Year Experience (College Experience 101)