Philosophy Class Examines Existential Literature and Film

The philosophical tradition of existentialism is often associated with loneliness or despair, yet many existential philosophers examine the human condition in order to reveal the possibility of a more authentic existence. In the fall semester, the students of Philosophy 406 examined some well-known existential philosophers, such as Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and Sartre. This spring, the students continuing on to Philosophy/English 278 are studying the cultural development of these existential ideas found in literature and film. During the semester, a number of films with existential themes will be screened. The students will consider questions of the films’ philosophical influences and ideas, as well as whether their portrayal of the human condition proves satisfying. Other members of the campus community are welcome to attend the movies. For more information, contact Dr. Harper.

January – My Dinner with Andre
February – The Truman Show
February – Stranger than Fiction
March – The Dark Knight
March – Clueless
April – Lost in Translation
April – About Schmidt