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To be considered for the Honors College at West Liberty University, you must complete this application after you have submitted the regular West Liberty University Application for Undergraduate Admission. We encourage applicants for fall admission to apply for admission to West Liberty University by November 30th, for best consideration for admissions-based merit scholarships.

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A completed Honors College application includes the following items. Incomplete application will not be reviewed.


• Essay:Write a 1-2 page statement in which you describe a specific experience or experiences in your life that will help you become a contributing member of the Honors College at West Liberty University.

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Remember, this is your opportunity to introduce yourself, to discuss a meaningful event at length, to highlight your personal strengths, and to provide any additional information you would like us to consider in evaluating your application.


Please provide the names, institutions, and e-mail addresses of two references. One reference should be a professor or teacher, and the other may be a teacher, guidance counselor, or employer. Note: If you are a current WLU student applying to the Honors College, then at least one reference needs to be a WLU professor.

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Application Agreement: I understand that failure to give complete and accurate information on this application will result in cancellation of this application or dismissal from the Honors College if I am enrolled.


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