Finish High School IN COLLEGE.

The Advanced Academy of West Virginia is a college immersion program for academically motivated high school students.  Academy students attend WLU full-time at the main campus.  Students earn up to two years of college credit, and the classes that they take also satisfy high school graduation requirements.  In this way, students get an early jump on their college careers.

Benefits to Students:

  •  Accelerated completion of academic pursuits
  • Engage in coursework that reflects student ability and potential
  • Work and study among students who possess similar degrees of scholarly capacity and ambition
  • Engage in variety of intellectual, social and extra-curricular activities
  • Smaller classes conducted within the Honors College
  • Specialized in-depth instruction
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Mentoring relationships with faculty and Honors College students

Benefits to Parents:

  • Opportunity for your child to complete a considerable amount of academic requirements at a high quality institution
  • Peace of mind knowing that your child is in a safe learning environment
  • Considerable financial savings for college cost

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does it cost to attend the AAWV?
A: Currently, Academy students pay 50% of the instate tuition cost, plus some fees.  Last year each family paid an average of $3300 for the year, in installments.  In addition, students must pay for books and transportation.
Q: Where are classes held?
A: Most classes take place on WLU’s main campus, and students do not attend classes at their high school.  Very rarely, a class may be taken at the Highlands campus.
Q: Can Academy students still participate in activities at their high schools?
A: Yes!  Academy students currently participate in sports, band, orchestra, and other extracurricular activities at their high schools, as long as they don’t conflict with their college classes.
Q: Can Academy students receive the Promise Scholarship?
A: Once an Academy student graduates from high school, he or she becomes eligible for the Promise and other State and Federal financial aid.  Academy students are not eligible for such aid while they are still in high school, which is why WLU offers them a discounted tuition rate.
Q: Which high schools work with the Advanced Academy?
A: We currently have agreements with Brooke, Marshall, and Ohio counties.
Q: Once Academy students graduate from high school, do they have to remain at WLU to continue college?
A: No. Academy students are encouraged to apply for whatever colleges interest them.  Having already completed substantial college coursework, they have the potential to graduate from college early.

Requirements for Admission:

Contact Information:

Dr. Shannon Halicki