Academic Benefits to Honors College Participation

  • Select from a variety of dynamic Honors classes, interactive seminars
  • Smaller class size of Honors classes enables them to explore topics in depth and encourage student interaction
  • Receive comprehensive advising services from both faculty in their major and Honors College staff
  • Are involved significantly in faculty-led and independent scholarly and research opportunities
  • Have early class registration regardless of class, year or major
  • Are stimulated by unique programs, international study options, cultural and social activities, and community service opportunities.

Community Benefits to Honors College Participation

  • Live in Honors Housing
  • Participate in cultural enrichment trips and activities for which transportation and entry fees are paid for by the university
  • Take advantage of a mentoring program whereby new Honors College students are paired with Honors College juniors or seniors
  • Get to know peers at a fun-filled team building retreat prior to the start of fall classes